About Me

Hello fellow yogi and exercise gurus,

I am ecstatic to be writing about all of the good little tidbits you find on the Evolve FIT Wear’s blog.Me- Jenna

I currently live in Tucson, AZ. I love the natural beauty of the desert and the healing that takes place when I choose to exercise and express myself outdoors. I enjoy biking, traveling, hiking, yoga and meditation.

My commitment to yoga keeps me clear and grounded. I believe it is essential to take time for myself  and attend a yoga retreat at least once every few months. Although society often says otherwise, this life is not suppose to be about working yourself into the ground. Maintaining a balance between work, exercise, and emotional well being, for me, is a must. It keeps both At my last yoga retreatmy physical and mental state breathing on a daily basis.

I am enthused to be sharing with you what I wholeheartedly support and believe in ~ evolving oneself both physically and emotionally while striving to foster a steady peace within. Therefore, anything that I come across that inspires me related to yoga, fitness and health I will share with you on our blog… thanks for listening!

Peace & Light,


Questions? Comments? Please send me an email at:  Jenna@evolvefitwear.com


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